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Chapter 9 Heartache

  • Eleonora woke up in the morning and found herself in Zanvil's room. But Zanvil wasn't there. She quickly got up and left the room. She knew Zanvil had put her there. But she was still afraid that he would get mad if he found her there. He was a clean freak after all.
  • After having shower and getting changed She went to the kitchen to cook something. She noticed Zanvil wasn't at home. She made herself some pancakes with peanut butter, some fruit salad, bacon, and mango juice. She started eating quietly.
  • Eleonora was browsing on her laptop. Suddenly one article caught her attention. When she read it she found it was about her husband and a famous model. There were a few pictures of them in some parties. They were so close and intimate. Eleonora closed her laptop and leaned on the couch. Few other websites also gossiped about them. In the picture Zanvil had his arms wrapped around the model's and they were laughing. They seemed to be at a party.
  • Suddenly her heart felt heavy. She couldn't breathe. Silent tears ran down to her cheeks. Maybe that girl was his girlfriend or lover. That was why he couldn't accept her and their baby.
  • Her hand went to her stomach. She caressed it affectionately. She couldn't fall weak. She had to be strong. She wouldn't let anyone see her weak. Those people who didn't value her didn't deserve to see her tears. She was more than that. Everyone crushes an emotional person so she had buried all her emotion in her heart. Only she was allowed to see her emotion and miserable state. No one else. So no one else can take advantage of her weak emotion.
  • Suddenly she missed her home. She wanted to go home. She wanted to visit the orphanage and visit those sweet faces who brought her immense happiness. She closed her eyes and made a decision.
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