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Chapter 11 Missing And Realization

  • It's been one month since Eleonora was gone. Zanvil couldn't concentrate on anything. Whenever he entered the house he hallucinated about Nora. He hallucinated about her cooking in the kitchen. Sitting in the living room or nursing in the garden. She didn't even call him once. He was getting frustrated day by day. He couldn't get that damn woman out of his system. He didn't know why but he missed her. He missed her terribly.
  • When he first entered her room 9 days after she was gone, he was astonished to see the room. It was the smallest room in the whole mansion with a huge window and a wide balcony . Her room consisted of one average size bed, a dresser, a small closet and a small showcase which was full of various seashells and other few furnitures. Her wall had a few paintings of birds and feathers. It was not any simple birds but migratory birds to be exact. Some paintings was about a bird flying away while leaving a feather.
  • He stared at the paintings. What could it mean? He understood it had deep meaning to her.
  • That day again he entered her room and went near her plants. He smiled and watered them. He was about to come out of the room when he saw a white envelope lying on the bedside table.
  • He took it and opened it. It was Nora's doctor's report with a DVD. He quickly went to his room and put the DVD on his laptop. When the file opened he saw it was the DVD of Nora's sonogram.
  • He heard the heartbeat of his baby. When he looked at the little tiny beany his heartbeat increased. That was his baby. Their baby.
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