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Chapter 21 Bliss After The Storm

  • 4 years later....
  • Eleonora was running behind her daughter to feed her. But the naughty girl wasn't listening. She was having fun while making her mama annoyed.
  • "Emmy, Listen to mama and eat the food please baby." Eleonora pleaded. She was tired. Running behind two babies all day took her all energy.
  • "Nooooo. I want Zayn to play with me barbie doll and catch a basketball but he isn't listening. Tell him to play with me mama please." Emerald said with puppy dog eyes. Eleonora sighed and looked at his son who was eating quietly. He was like his father. A discipline maintainer. Eleonora called his son and said
  • "Baby please play with your sister. Look otherwise she will make mama run all around the house."
  • "But mama I don't like pink dolls. She always dresses them pink." Zayn said with a pout. Eleonora laughed at his son's cuteness. Meanwhile Zanvil came and took Emerald in his arms and said,
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