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Chapter 25 A Family Gathering

  • 4 months later...
  • It was a pleasant Saturday morning. The whole Williams family gathered in their family house. Lara also came with them to spend the weekend. In those past months she had changed a lot. Nora could feel her changes. She was glad for those positive changes. Lara also joined Zanvil's company to work. Nora was happy that she was coming out of her past and learning to move on. She was happy that Zanvil handled everything regarding Lara's divorce with her husband. Even though she didn't meet that guy, she felt disgusted towards him because he murdered his own unborn child. It was horrible. She couldn't imagine happening to her babies. She was glad she found Zanvil.
  • Nora smiled widely when she noticed the kids playing with Lara. She was glad her kids accepted Lara. Lara took really good care of her kids when she wasn't able to because of her pregnancy. She also helped Zanvil in the house. She tried to do everything Nora couldn't do because of her pregnancy. She was seven month pregnant and this time also she kept the gender unknown. She just wanted it to be a surprise. Just like before.
  • "Aww thinking about my brother?" A voice teased from the other side. Nora smiled as her eyes landed on Ana.
  • "Yes." She didn't deny. Of course she was thinking about him. He was inside the house with his father and brother and she was here with the girls and her children.
  • "You didn't even deny. I didn't get to tease you." Ana pouted making Nora chuckle softly.
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