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Chapter 30

  • Freshly showered, she looked out the window at her car. “I can’t believe it just started right up when we got in it.” She looked over at him studying the sword on her table. “How did it know to die there all the time?”
  • Jareth glanced at her briefly and then back to his blade. “There are many unexplained forces in the world, little one.” He paused to reflect for a moment. “Thank you once more for going slowly so I could begin to understand how to ride in a car.”
  • “And you didn’t even turn green this time. Are you going to look at that all day? We should check the e-mails.” She moved over and sat at her computer.
  • He winked at her. “I find my sanity more assuredly safe if I keep my stare to my weapon and not upon your body.”
  • “Okay then.” She sighed. “Do you think it will happen again?”
  • He hissed out a frustrated breath. “One can only hope.”
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