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Chapter 10

  • Randy leaned back and studied his back for a moment. The tattoo was still amazing for the archaic application and age, but the other marks on him drew her attention the most. He had scars across the lower part of his back that crisscrossed over his flesh. Leaning to the side, she noticed a jagged-looking one beneath his ribs on the right side. “You weren’t very nice to your body, Jareth.”
  • He chuckled. “In fact, I was quite pleasant to it. But others were not so kind.”
  • Picking up the ship she cradled it carefully as she crossed her legs. She dipped the brush and turned back to look at him. “I think maybe you should have been faster in order to escape that sort of thing.”
  • “I was fast, more than most, but no one is completely uncatchable.” He sat there with his spine straight, looking at the shelf where the ships sat quietly.
  • She wondered if he was uncomfortable sitting here, with her, like this. She scowled at the ship as she focused to duplicate the swirl and slant to match on both sides. “This isn’t going to be very detailed. It’s such an intricate design that there is no way I could put all of it on a space this small.”
  • “It matters that you are willing to do it at all. The outcome is of no great importance to me.”
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