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Chapter 9

  • As she came back into the room he realized he had not moved from the time she left. She gave him a bright smile, and he found he could not stop himself from returning it.
  • Randy dropped down on the other end of the couch and faced him. “Those were some serious thoughts you were having when I walked in.”
  • He nodded. “I seem to only have serious ones remaining.” He shrugged. “My crew, if they were still in this world, would laugh at the very thought of the Black Brand being always so serious.”
  • She finished chewing the bite of her sandwich before speaking. “Why is that?”
  • “Back then I laughed more than not. It was my belief that life was short and one should enjoy it.” He shook his head. “If I had known that I would be given such a prolonged one, I am not sure how I would have lived knowing.”
  • “I’m betting you wouldn’t have pissed off a gypsy.”
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