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Chapter 16

  • “Thank you,” she whispered unsurely. The man was turning her into puddles of lust without even touching her. Please, please, please, let us figure this out soon, she sang to herself silently. Just for an hour let him be real again; no, definitely at least a day...okay, a week tops, maybe a month of being able to be with him, and I promise I’ll be a good girl for the rest of my life.
  • She realized they were standing there staring into each other’s eyes. He needed to speak soon and break this charged moment. Think of something to say, she scolded herself. “Uh, did you want to sit outside or maybe go for a walk? Oh, wait, I guess that’s all you do, huh?”
  • Jareth watched her mouth as she spoke. “Never with such a lovely companion have I wandered.”
  • “Is it still warm out?” Not that she really cared.
  • His eyes skimmed over her. “I cannot be certain, as I do not feel it, but the dragonflies were out on my way here, so it cannot be too cool.”
  • “I’ll chance it then without a jacket.” He motioned toward the door. She smiled again and walked toward it.
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