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Chapter 27

  • Jareth entered Miranda’s house and could immediately hear her speaking, most likely to herself, again. He found it amusing to listen. He felt more certain in being here this day, more at ease with his inner turmoil. He paused at the top of the stairs to listen.
  • “If I go dressed normally, my chances are going to suck! Girlie girl? How do I do girlie girl?”
  • He smiled as he stepped into the room. She was inside her closet, speaking on the phone and not to herself this time. His eyebrows shot up as he looked at her state of dress. She wore those delightful undergarments, in black today.
  • In his mind he knew he should alert her to his presence, but all that was male in him appreciated all that he was looking upon. His eyes traveled down to her legs. She wore stockings that were just as black, and he marvelled that they stayed up on her slender legs without straps or ties of any sort. What a sight this was, her bottom bared to him, with the soft flesh of her uppermost legs bare.
  • She turned and grinned at him, not at all surprised he was there. His eyes assessed the front of the black frill on her hips and one eyebrow shot up as he reached her breasts. Although he could see the flesh beneath the cloth, they were cradled, very appealingly so, matching the lower attire. His groin tightened as he appreciated the entire ensemble, right down to her painted toenails.
  • He realized he just stood there gawking at her like some drooling brute, but if facts be known, he had no wish to look away or move.
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