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Chapter 17 Blast from the Past

  • Louise's POV
  • He left me after we fuck, but to be honest I was letting him leave. I was showing him to the door, I was trying not to get myself too attached to him.
  • Seeing his ex, I was glad that I was the rebound girl. She was saying things like they were together for quite a while. And when Winston stood up for his brother, that was when I decided to have another go at him.
  • I was keeping my feelings in check as I was keeping it casual, with me being his rebound girl. But when he called, I freeze and couldn't let myself answer his call.
  • My mind was thinking the worst, we're supposed to be casual. But none was taking it to that level. He said that he was getting addicted to me, and I brushed it off and leave him to get dressed. But the look I saw in his face, was a disappointment.
  • Shit! I should've handled things more casual, I shouldn't give in to his wants. I could feel myself getting hungry, but I decided to sleep it off. I know I should eat, I haven't eaten much since breakfast. But I was not feeling it. I need to sleep, I'll get better tomorrow. Then I'll eat.
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