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Chapter 16 Addicted or not Addicted

  • It was not until a couple of hours later after I leave her place, I realized that there was still a nagging feeling like something was not right. But I couldn't tell what it was.
  • I decided to text her once I arrived back at mom's. I was thinking of heading back to the beach house later but decided to postpone it until tomorrow morning.
  • "Allen? I thought that was you..." mom greeted me from the kitchen. She looked tired, she always likes to keep herself busy. But sometimes not knowing her limit.
  • " should rest, you looked tired." I hugged her warmly. Though she can be such a demanding mom, but I still love her unconditionally. With the kind of past Winston and us have together, it's the struggles that made us a really strong knit family.
  • "Well son, thank you...and you don't look too hot yourself. Want to chat? I just made a pot of coffee."
  • We sit down for coffee, then I told her about meeting Myra today. And I didn't know why, but I also told her about Louise.
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