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Chapter 12 Meet the Parents

  • "You really don't have to drive me to my parents." She pouted looking at me.
  • "Yeah, well... I really shouldn't. Cause it's your fault. You were too damn good, I couldn't stop kissing you. Then from there, you should know that I would be fucking you, then... you should know that it'll be a while until I'm done with you. And so... here we are almost late getting you to your parents." I smiled at her and caressed her beautiful face.
  • "...and you're too exhausted from all of the climaxes, I don't want you to drive to your parents. Look, I'm just going to dropped you off, then I'm gone."
  • She was late for dinner at her parent's, cause she decided to tease me again and one thing led to another, we were fucking our way into the late afternoon.
  • And then she was tired when we reached her place. She a took quick shower and changed her attire. She even looked sleepy but insisted on going to her parents.
  • "Okay... just drop me off on their driveway, I'm good. I'll take a cab tomorrow to work. And thank you again for driving me back to the city."
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