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Chapter 29 Parental Intuition

  • Louise's POV
  • "Honey, where's Allen? I thought you're bringing him here today?"
  • "He's busy with his competition thing mom, has been for weeks now." I rest my back to the dining chair, the last couple of weeks work has been crazy. Jeff has been piling on Adam's work on me. He specifically said that Adam wanted me on top of his projects.
  • I think Adam just wanted to see me break, he was waiting for me to give up and let him have the glory of saying that I couldn't handle the work.
  • "Oh honey, you look exhausted. Do you want something to drink? Your dad should be here shortly, and then we will have a nice family dinner."
  • "I'm good mom it's Adam, he's been gunning for my failure since the moment he saw me with Allen weeks ago."
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