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Chapter 23 The Model's Life

  • New York has always been like a second home for me. This was where I'd always have the greatest time aside from modeling, this was where I would forget about the surfing competition, and about my unfortunate past life living poorly in a trailer with my family.
  • "Hey, Allen! Come here you sexy hunk!"
  • My head quickly turned recognizing his voice, my smile was wide as I greeted them. Riley and his new Husband Jeremy was meeting me for a late lunch.
  • "Hey, how're the newlyweds?" I hugged Jeremy after Riley pulled me in for his signature suffocating hug.
  • " look happy. Like... very happy."
  • "Thank you! But you look tired, why? I thought crazy rich bachelor like you are living the life?" Riley said while sitting in front of me, and Jeremy to his side.
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