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Chapter 35 A New beginning

  • We were finally out of the hospital three days later. I was bored out of my mind if Louise wasn't there keeping me company.
  • The next day she was arranging everything between her and Cherise, to have the movers getting her stuff to mine. She was making my bachelor pad our home, she had her interior decorator done everything up to our taste. She even changed the master bedroom to an extra king, making me smirked at her.
  • The next couple of days we were staying couped up in my place, while she was taking care of me. She was making sure that I follow the doctor's instructions to the dot. She bathed me and helped me get dressed. She was there for me in every way.
  • Cherise still helped her with the maid and the cook. Sam was there to assist her needs, taking her everywhere she needed to and let me rest completely confined to the bed. She was still going back and forth to the city, to ease everything with her resignation.
  • She was true to her words, as she actually resigned herself completely from the board member. I didn't realize that she was at the top of her game in the industry and that she would easily give it all up for us.
  • "You're really giving it all up?" I asked as we were lounging in our bed. It was the greatest feeling to have her in my arms. She was resting carefully on my other side, avoiding my bruised chest.
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