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Chapter 216 Arrested

  • “Mr. Jensen?”
  • Not only was there a car, but there was also someone leaning against it. The person donned a full set of tailor-made black suit that seemed luxurious. With both his hands crossed before his chest, Wilcox seemed like he had been waiting for Diane for quite some time.
  • “Get in the car.” Seeing her coming down, he made his way toward the passenger’s seat before pulling the door open for her.
  • At this moment, she hesitated. After pulling the car door on the side of the passenger’s seat open, he noticed that she hadn’t budged an inch. He then said with a smile, “Aren’t you going to the company? We have the same destination, so why don’t we go together?”
  • He was still standing by the car with one of his hands supporting the top of the car, indicating he wasn’t going to leave without her. Upon seeing that, she could only helplessly walk toward him.
  • After she got in the car, he then closed the door shut for her before heading toward the driver’s seat. Buckling up the seatbelt, she then looked at him before saying, “Mr. Jensen, this seems a little inappropriate.”
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