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Chapter 5 A Debt of Gratitude

  • All at once, Shen Beiyi leaped up and greeted him deferentially. “Y-Young Master Ning!”
  • Ning Shaochen glanced at the woman who looked ill at ease. “Step out with me.” Then, he didn’t forget to remind Ning Xiaoxi, saying, “Sleep earlier. If you can’t wake up tomorrow, we won’t be going anymore.”
  • “Okay, I got it, daddy!” Ning Xiaoxi answered, not forgetting to flash Shen Beiyi a wide smile, clearly rejoicing in her misfortune.
  • Shen Beiyi wrinkled her nose at him and mouthed, “You brat!”
  • Ning Xiaoxi raised an eyebrow at her before lying down in bed with his eyes closed.
  • While they thought that their interaction was surreptitious, Ning Shaochen saw all of it.
  • When they’d exited the room, he scrutinized Shen Beiyi, who had her lashes and eyes lowered. The vitality that she’d exhibited when interacting with Xiaoxi alone was entirely gone, appearing old and decrepit on the surface once more. “Do you usually interact with Xiaoxi like this?”
  • Fearful that the man would dismiss her, Shen Beiyi immediately explained frantically, “Young Master Ning, I absolutely don’t mean to bully Little Young Master. I’m just playing with him. A child of his age should be having fun and enjoying himself, but he’s naturally smart and far more mature than other kids of his age. Many a time, I see him reading technical books, and he doesn’t have any interaction with his peers either. I just wish to give him more joy in life using my own methods. I don’t have any intentions of crossing the boundary, so please don’t dismiss me!”
  • Ning Shaochen frowned. “When did I say I wanted to dismiss you?”
  • Shen Beiyi’s head snapped up in surprise. Staring at his quirked eyebrow, she asked, “Aren’t you reprimanding me, Young Master Ning?”
  • “Take good care of Xiaoxi.” After saying that, Ning Shaochen left.
  • He understood Xiaoxi’s temperament. If he was willing to talk back and speak to someone, it meant that he cherished that person. Otherwise, he would simply ignore the person. For instance, when it came to Gao Wen, he wouldn’t even talk back to her.
  • The next morning, when Shen Beiyi walked out the door with Xiaoxi’s bag, she was momentarily stunned upon spotting Gao Wen who was sitting in the car. So, this is a ‘family’ vacation. She was going to be the third wheel if she tagged along. Ah, never mind. As long as I can be with Xiaoxi, I’ll go even if I’ll be the third wheel.
  • Throughout the entire journey, Xiaoxi kept silent albeit Gao Wen directing solicitous questions at him, which had Shen Beiyi sensing his strong hostility toward Gao Wen.
  • Xiaoxi doesn’t like her? But in every aspect, she’s considered a dedicated and attentive stepmother…
  • After a three-hour drive, they finally arrived at Bloodshed Island at precisely noon. Although its name sounded rather terrifying, the scenery was incredibly stunning with the blue sky and ocean. It was an abandoned port that was originally a structure for fishermen. When they got off the boat, there was an old fort in the near distance that had an ancient allure to it.
  • “Are you tired?” Ning Shaochen asked tenderly upon seeing Gao Wen massaging her temples.
  • This man is always cold toward everyone, but when it comes to this woman, he’s as gentle as a fawn. It seems that he truly loves her very much.
  • Sensing Shen Beiyi’s gaze on him, Ning Shaochen turned around, and their eyes met. However, the warmth in his eyes was gone, and while he remained unruffled, Shen Beiyi could sense his imposing aura.
  • She involuntarily stiffened. “I’ll bring Xiaoxi to play on the beach,” as she said that, she turned around and left.
  • “Madam Shen, are you truly not here because of my father?”
  • “Ning Xiaoxi, I’ve answered that question hundreds of times, so please don’t ask me anymore, okay? Furthermore, he and Miss Gao are about to get engaged. Not only is Miss Gao beautiful and gentle, but she’s also nice to you. Even if I do harbor feelings for your father, I don't stand a chance, do I?”
  • “She’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, deceptively harmless… Only people with your IQ will think that she’s nice,” Ning Xiaoxi muttered, kicking the sand under his feet hard.
  • “Do you hate her a lot?” Shen Beiyi was bewildered. “But she seems quite nice to me.”
  • “Humph! That’s why I said you’re an idiot,” Ning Xiaoxi retorted in a huff.
  • Shen Beiyi had long since accustomed to his ‘unpredictable and surprising’ speech after all this time, so her lips merely quirked, and she commented, “It’s fine since your father thinks she’s good.”
  • “Him? Usually, his IQ isn’t low, but regretfully, he’s too fixated on repaying his debt of gratitude to her that he can no longer discern whether she’s good or bad.”
  • His debt of gratitude?