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Chapter 73 Misjudge

  • Her.
  • Aiden shot her a cold glance, I have never seen such a cold expression on his face before. Diana was wiggling. She almost pips on her skirt. He hurried toward her as he yanked her face tightly, brandishing her in a niche.
  • “Next time you threaten or vituperate my mate. I won't think twice about I rip your head away. Do you understand me? He shot at her.
  • “Yes, yes, I am sorry, she managed to say.
  • “Sorry for yourself, bitch. You should be gratified she apologized on your behalf, he declared, before bestowing her another lethal gaze. And you Ethan, this is what I am telling you to stay away from all these cheap bitches, but you refuse to heed to me. Look at what you cause. Look at what that bitch did to my mate” Aiden cry out after letting go of Diana.
  • “It's OK. I told you, I am not hurt. I let out.
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