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Chapter 60 Knowing Ava Past

  • Ava stance.
  • I am blessed. I am finally with my crush. They both love and cherish me, and I pray this moment never stops. They squirted me with their love and care. The love I never retain from any guy in my entire life. I also love them, but I am scared, scared of relinquishing them to the demon. Mr. Drake. He is the evil of all evil. He will kill them. He can do everything in his strength just to have me back. I want to tell them before they got to know about my past themselves, but I am appalled, scared of being despised by them. They will abhor me. They will feel disgusted with me because I am a filthy lady. I deserve to be happy. I deserve to be loved. I would like to erect our relationship with love and trust, but how can I tell them about my past without being despised or detested by them? Oh, Lord, I am finally happy, but my past still haunts me. I am still in the shadow of myself.
  • “Ava, what are you thinking about? I have been dubbing your name without any answer from you. What is happening? A voice asked me.
  • “Ava, he called again before resting his hand on my shoulder. I jerk up scared as if I saw a ghost.
  • “Oh my God, Ava. What is wrong with you? What are you thinking? Aiden's anxious voice asked, he was bothered. It was written all over his face.
  • “Ah, Aiden, it is you,” I said, trying to compose myself.
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