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Chapter 30 I am easy to be bullied

  • It's been year's since I started residing in this town with Oliver, I was not really fitted in this place, I was still frightened and scared of having friends, many girls wanted to be my friend and guys wanted me as their girlfriend, Oliver advised me to move on with my life she asked me to give one of the guys some chance, go on date with him to know him more better. I try to, but I always end up shivering in front of them, so I choose to live on my own. Ever since I crawled out and fled from that hell I have never heard or seen my father again, this is the safest place for me to hide from him, he is a devil, he abused me more than I can remember, and he has done things to me that I should never have experienced, I will never forget and forgive him.
  • Oliver's parents were so sweet and kind to me making me recall a little memory about how my father was before, the father who was once my protector, bullied me for more than years torturing me day and night and breaking me until he finally decided to gave me up and determine to sell me off to Mr. Drake, I finally escaped my hell after Mr. Drake and Mr. David harassment. I was saved and adopted by Oliver's parents.
  • I walked into the school with Oliver
  • “Hey, what happened? What is wrong with you? Oliver asked.
  • “Nothing I am just feeling uneasy, I am feeling something big is about to happen, but I don't know what is exactly the thing,” I told her
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