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Chapter 33 Disgusting

  • Ava POV
  • I skimmed down on the floor in the school hall way, my heart hurt for an unknown reason, I have never felt any pain ever since I escape from my hell, it hurt so much, all I did was stand there watching one of the twin's brothers kissing a blonde girl I never knew her name, I don't associate myself with people, so I know nothing about any of my classmates. The sharp pain pierces through my soul, I clasp on my chest, it hurt.
  • Damn it, why am I feeling like this?, why am I feeling the pains I long buried deep down my self. I was still clenching on my shirt when he looked up and saw me.
  • “What?!!!!!! He asked sneering at me,
  • I was surprised, did he just sneer at me, that bastard? I feel sad yet strong, I am not a weak girl, I am no longer that little girl that will be intimidated by anyone, I am the new Ava, Ava Garcia. I need to calm myself down, this bastard does not deserve my anger but why must I be mad and angry at him in the first place, why am I so jealous like an angry wife who caught her husband cheating on her, he's not my boyfriend or my husband, that blonde girl must be his girlfriend, I must leave here before I am called an intruder by them. I turn my back and left him with his girlfriend. 
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