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Chapter 3 On run

  • Him
  • It's been weeks I have being searching for her because of my lycan
  • But she's yet to be found, she just faded away into the thin air
  • Demon has been terrorizing me, and he has finally stopped talking to me,
  • I try my best searching for his mate, her scent just vanished in thin air, along with her
  • If not for my lycan demon, I would definitely not search for the weak she wolf.
  • HER
  • (My mate has a bad reputation through out the lycan and werewolves world being a man whore)
  • Ever since I saw my mate, he is also the cruelest, ferocious and violent man whore of an alpha king that fucked every lycan and she wolves in his pack and others pack as well, why will moon goddess so cruel to me for making that man whore my mate, I don't agree” I have to run to my brother pack.
  • I have been spending a lot of time with Kelly, I used that to keep my mate off my mind
  • Being with Kelly calmed me as he was taking good care of me
  • I told him how I felt, and I got to know he felt the same way as me
  • I am enjoying his touch, his kiss, I whimpered and moaned when he kissed me on my skin, I beg him to take and claim me as his, but he still refused to go further than the kisses, he told me, we need to take this slowly and I accept that, he was really a sweet boyfriend.
  • A month Later
  • I finally went to town to get myself some things at my home, I know he won't be looking for me since he has indefinite whores who serve him on bed.
  • I went out one evening to go for run since my wolf keep pestering me for a run
  • I felt my body move, body shift as my wolf took off, we ran, and we play in the forest . suddenly I heard a very dangerous animalistic feral growl at my back, it's sent down some cold chills in my body
  • I turn back slowly to met a black gigantic lycan wolf, I sniff the air thinking it was a rogue and ready for some fight, but I perceive something different, it was a scent, an exquisite scent that only belongs to no other lycan, than my unwanted mate
  • I ran, twisting the branches as I pounded through the forest, pumping my claw as fast as they would go
  • Which was pretty fast in my wolf form, as I thought I could out ran an alpha since he was massive than me and I could squeeze through all the small spaces that I could.
  • “You are mine” he roared, his deep wolf voice sounded through out the dark forest
  • hearing what he says, I pushed my four claws more faster
  • “Mate” he called you can't hide from me” he sounded closer
  • I never look back as I keep running as fast as I could
  • “I order you to stop” he shouted in my head, so powerful, but he wasn't my alpha, his command had no effect on me.
  • I gave my wolfy yip as I sped up, so close, so close to my brother territory, I thought
  • Suddenly, he scurry past me tugging me down, I try to stand up as an angry savage growl halted me as he looked down at me doing nothing as he just glared at me
  • Finally, I got up on my four paws and gaze back at the alpha, with my eyes filled with hatred
  • “Don't run away from me” he says
  • "Who are you to tell me what to do and not" I snapped at him
  • "I am your mate and your king" he smirked
  • “You were never my mate or my King, I shot back
  • “ I will be, as soon as I mark and mate you” he says, my eyes widened, and I bared my teeth at him, I will never allow him to mark or mate with me, I want to run. Away from him again but I realized how weak I am, as I pass out .....