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Chapter 28 Hell

  • I flinched back when he grips me right on my hand. All my body hurts.
  • “What do you think you are doing slave, are you trying to defy my order again” he yells
  • “No__ No Mr. Drake, just leave go of me, all my body hurt” I whispered
  • “Let go of you, WTF is wrong with you? are you trying to go back on your words. I thought you are a change different person now, I thought you have ratified your new identity, why do you always provoke me”? He cries out at me, this time he is scorching, simmering with rage, and he was flinging me a deadly gaze, plainly indicating he was dissatisfied with me, I will be right back for you, he tells as he stood up from the bed and started walking towards the door. He slams it shut behind him.
  • “OMG, I am dead… He's mad at me.
  • Ava P.o.v
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