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Chapter 40 Ava father

  • Mr. William Garcia, P.o.v.
  • (Ava Father)
  • Ever since I sold off my baby girl, my little Ava, I have never been able to snooze peacefully at night, without seeing my beautiful wife's face in my dreams, she keeps hunting me down. Oh my God! I am fed up, I can't feed her anymore, yes, I despise her, I detest that bastard lad, but if I think about it in another thought she has always been a good daughter to me, she never for once, feel hostility towards me for the way I regaled her, the way I whack, pull and abuse her with various awful names. She never insulted or smirk back at me, Ava did so many odd jobs just to put food on my table, she works day and night just to pay off my gamble deficits, my little girl barely lay down her head to rest and doze peacefully at night, she is always working her ass off. But, I am not guilty, everything I did to her, she caused it, she deserves every pain I reflected on her, she is a bastard child who kills off my beautiful wife.
  • The little orphan girl who was picked up in the street ended up snatching her life away, she was abandoned by her parent at a very tender age, it was a rainy day when my wife and I were coming back from a relative house we hear the cry of an infant, I wanted to ride past the baby because I was not interested in raising an unidentified child, but my wife urged and ask me to stop. I did as I was told by her. I stop the car.
  • Patricia opens the car door and get down, she started walking towards where the baby was positioned, she was crying her tiny lungs out, I loathe this. Patricia picked up the little one who instantly stop crying, she smiled at her, her smile was genuine she is happy, we are on medication in the hospital because we were still unable to bare our kid, a child of ours.
  • Patricia is happy, and she put the baby in her arms
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