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Chapter 56

  • Couple fight and flashback
  • Miller.
  • Mia, Please listen to me and listen to yourself. What will the pack elders say about Aiden choosing a human as his queen? She is a human, a weak one who is not entitled to rule with Aiden, my son. I am not saying Aiden should not accept her as his woman, he can accept her as his mistress, but to accept her as the lycan queen. It's impossible, over my dead body.
  • “Enough, Miller, Enough, I don't know what your problem is. What exactly do you want? I'm just correcting you just now about your manners, but you were still doing the same thing over and over again, when will you start listening to my advice as your mate? What the hell is wrong with you, huh? Don't make me go mad at you. All I want is my son's happiness, and I won't sit and watch you divert happiness away from my son. Go, please let me be” she shot back.
  • I angrily left her.
  • Lycan queen standpoint.
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