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Chapter 31 Trust

  • Immediately Cecelia heard the sound of the moan that escaped her mouth, she suddenly pulled away as she placed her hands on her mouth while blushing hard.
  • She was about to turn around but realized that she's still on the rooftop.
  • "O my God! I'm going to pass out very soon!". she exclaimed immediately as she looked at the floor.
  • Edward brought out his phone and typed words of encouragement for her.
  • "Trust me! you aren't going to fall! as long as I'm here". Edward typed.
  • Cecelia nodded her head, as she held Edward's shirt firmly because if she eventually ended up falling! then she's also going to fall with Edward and they would both end up dying..... and maybe they will also bury them in the same grave'. Cecelia taught within herself, which made her chuckle.
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