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Chapter 19 Monster

  • "What were you doing with that guy?". Edward typed as he showed it to Cecelia with a frown on his face.
  • "What guy?". Cecelia asked, raising her brows.
  • "Are you trying to act dumb with me, because I saw you flirting with that guy". Edward typed pointing in the direction of Oscar.
  • "Ohh! now I understand what you are saying, but why are you behaving strangely?".
  • "Is that the answer to my question? I want you to tell me what the hell you are doing with that Playboy...... instead of you heading home!". Edward typed as anger kept on boiling inside of him.
  • "So are you Damm jealous Edward?! huh! are you jealous if I go around with guys that are hotter than you?". Cecelia asked as a teasing smirk appeared on her face.
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