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Chapter 22 God please help me

  • Cecelia slowly walks up to the bed but restrains herself from staring at her left where she guesses a dead person is laid.
  • A sniff escapes her mouth, as she slowly grabs her pink trouser and her pink shirt.
  • 'Be fast! another person might come here to kill you. Her brain shouted at her, which made her hasten her steps.
  • She wore her pink trousers and pink shirt but didn't bother to wear her underwear. (Bra).
  • Cecelia didn't bother to look for her shoe, as she hurriedly walked towards the door while proceeding towards the door.
  • She won't know what happened, but she suddenly shifts her gaze to her left, while seeing Oscar, her childhood friend lying down on the floor, with his head cut off as if someone used a sharp sword to remove his head.
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