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Chapter 21 Just comply okay

  • Cecelia felt something cold and icy so she decided to open her eyes, only to see someone on top of her.
  • "What do you want?". Cecelia sluggishly asked as she placed her hands on the person's chest, before pushing the person, but little did she know that she didn't make any attempt.
  • "Just comply okay! and everything is going to be fine". Oscar replied before kissing her neck, bringing a disgusting sensation to Cecelia.
  • "Get up off me!". She said while pushing Oscar.
  • The alcohol was still consuming her, but she's not that dumb to the extent of not knowing what's wrong with her.
  • Oscar didn't bother to mutter any words out of his mouth, as he slowly kissed the top of Cecelia's breast, before using his hands to find the edge of Cecelia's bra.
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