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Chapter 35 Distracted

  • Edward POV
  • Edward left Cecelia's room the other night and went straight to his study room, where he met Mister Black and Ezekiel waiting for him.
  • It was unusual for them to come to his study room unless they had something important, and seeing the expression on their face, it was Damm's obvious that there's something important and deadly going on.
  • "Boss Edward. We have an important meeting to attend tomorrow in Singapore. And we have also caught some of our members who have been betraying us since". Ezekiel said.
  • "So when does this meeting end?". Edward asked, through his iPad.
  • "Well! I don't know when the meeting is going to end, but I guess it won't take more than a week. The meeting is about the launching of different designs. The board wants all companies to come together and agree on the date of launching. Aside from that, we caught a predator who's going to leak your secret". Ezekiel replied.
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