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Chapter 6 Is your body ugly?

  • "Why do you have to smash the laptop into pieces...... because you have more than enough money to buy a laptop doesn't mean that you have to waste it". Cecelia yelled while rolling her eyes.
  • "Young lady, don't raise your voice at me!". Edward typed with the laptop which he brought from under his pillow, only God knows how many laptops that this guy has.
  • "Ohh! I don't know what made you get annoyed like that, but trust me I didn't mean to offend you". Cecelia said while trying to make the young handsome guy in front of her smile, even though it's a bit.
  • "I know you aren't aware of why I'm annoyed, but I don't want you to talk to me, as per the contract we agreed on!". Edward typed on his laptop and showed it to Cecelia.
  • "Hey! Mister handsome........ I would like to be sincere with you. I can't stay a day without talking and since you are my pattern, I would love to share every hour with you. Do you want me to die because of boredness and please try to cooperate with.......".
  • Cecelia wasn't done talking when Edward placed his index finger on her mouth to stop her from completing her statement.
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