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Chapter 26 I don't accept poison

  • "Edward! thanks for the care but can I rest for an hour. I feel that I have passed my limit so I'll end up falling ill if I don't sleep now". Cecelia said as she stared outside the window.
  • "Ohh! Do you want to sleep inside the car? I'll just leave you alone if you want to!". Edward typed as he showed it to Cecelia by tapping her so that she could see his text.
  • "No way! That's the last thing I'm going to do. Please drive me home, I'll pay for your time and your fuel". Cecelia said with a flat voice.
  • Edward turned on the car engine and drove off towards Cecelia's house.
  • On their way there Cecelia couldn't hold in anymore as she started sleeping in the car while resting her head on the car window.
  • "Change of mind!'' Edward said to himself as he turned the car steering while facing the direction of his house.
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