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Chapter 30 Cecelia moan

  • After eating with Edward, Cecelia decided to go and take her bath again because she feels somewhat weak.
  • "Edward, can you please carry me to my room? I can close my eyes if you want to use the elevator. I'm aware that it's a secret elevator". Cecelia said while staring at Edward with pleading eyes.
  • "Hmm.... follow me!". Edward typed as he showed it to her.
  • Cecelia followed him with her eyes closed, not until she missed her steps, and almost landed on the floor, but luckily Edward quickly turned around to catch her.
  • "Hmm...... thank you!". Cecelia replied as she got herself free from Edward while arranging her clothes properly.
  • "Why did you have to close your eyes?". Edward typed while asking her, as he raised his brows.
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