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Chapter 8

  • “Sir Sebastian is busy at the moment... I’ll let him know about your call, Mr. Santigold.” I ended the call and sighed exasperatedly. Stressed, I realized that this is very exhausting just by answering calls from your boss. Now, I understand my secretary’s work. I felt like regretting taking this PA position just because I’m bored. “Sir Sebastian, Mr. Santigold—”“I know.” I looked at him, surprised. Did he know? He drew out a grin smile. “I heard your conversation with him.” “Right...” I silently clicked my tongue inside of my mouth, feeling embarrassed a little as I was slightly feeling intimidated with him right now. I shouldn’t be intimidated by him because I know I could do more than this by fighting off that kind of vibe of my boss but I couldn’t just help myself. For sure, if I would tell Marlou later, he would laugh his ass out because of it. I sighed and looked away as I faced my desktop. “So, shall I book you a flight now, Sir Sebastian?” I looked at him. “What do you think?” he asked, grinning at me. I twitched my lips and rolled my eyes as he was giving me a teasing look that made me frown right now. “I shouldn’t have asked.” I sneered at him, glaring at him. He huffed with a hint like he was about to guffaw. I just shook my head and continued my work. In this way, I could ignore Sir Sebastian. Sir Sebastian... Calling him on that kind of address seemed so foreign to me. I was just used to hearing that he was being called Mr. Huntington, not Sir Sebastian. Even Ms. Perry called him by his surname, not his first name. Good thing he didn’t pursue the name he wanted me to call him. That Mr. Oh-so Scary CEO... Damn my mouth for keeping on blabbering that could affect my job. Luckily, Sir Sebastian seemed to not mind at all. He was just teasing me yesterday. But he didn’t push it. Because if he did, that’s going to be embarrassing on my part since if I start calling like that if we were outside the office, I would be labeled as disrespecting the CEO of Huntington, Inc. and I couldn’t just accept that way. Before I could click the booking of the ticket, I looked at Sir Sebastian who was busy reading piles of paper workloads on his desk. “Um... Sir?” He looked at me. I pinched myself because I found him strikingly handsome on his glasses. Fuck! This is so fucking unfair! Why is he like that? He arched his eyebrow like he was saying that I should tell my concerns. “Could this mean I am going with you as well?” “What do you think?” I frowned, slitting my eyes at him. He already said that a while ago and again, he would say it this time. “What do you think?” I copied his tone, challenging him to say those words again. I swear, one more same question like that, I am going nuts. I caught how he plastered a sly smile before he went back to his stoic, cold attitude. “Ms. Merrywheather, as my personal assistant, you are coming with me on my business and personal affairs. You get me?” I scrunched my nose and smiled wryly. “I never thought this is what a personal assistant would be like. Can I be just your secretary then? I wasn’t prepared for that.” I shrugged. Then I leaned in my seat. ““I don’t think this is what a CEO would do,” I said bravely and honestly. “Uh-huh...” Sir Sebastian leaned on his swivel chair and crossed his arms over his chest. “What do you want to say then?” “If you want to train me, I shouldn’t be trained like this.” Way to behead yourself, Cejay. Talkback like that and you will have no job tomorrow. His eyes instantly bored out that made my hairs on my back stand up. “Cejay.” Sudden chills crept out on me the way he called my name. “Why are you so impatient?” His voice was poured with ice cubes that made my whole being frozen. I was rendered speechless. I pursed my lips into a thin line and met his intense glare. My heart was pounding like I was caught red-handed. I was exploiting a series of expletives in my head for I could see Sir Sebastian’s sudden volatile and temperamental attitude. “Answer me. I am asking you!” I flinched a little because of the sudden rise of his tone. “I-I...” Shit! I don’t know what to say. Lord, take me now! A knock startled me. Ms. Perry came in with a folder in her hands. “A report from the Internal Auditing Department, Mr. Huntington.” She placed it on his desk. I was praying that she wouldn’t leave yet but fate doesn’t want to listen to me because after Sir Sebastian nodded at her, she was about to turn around and ready herself to leave his office when I pushed my swivel chair which made them look at me. “Lavatory,” I only said then left them. Crappy shit! I wouldn’t want to leave myself alone with him. I would be dead meat! FFor sure! I knew that even if I returned later, Sir Sebastian wouldn’t move on to the next topic until I answered his question. What an idiot I am! This was so annoying! I thought I was prepared for his wrath but I was wrong. I should have prepared myself so I wouldn’t render speechless like what happened earlier. It was so fucking embarrassing. I tapped my cheeks, waking up to reality. Be brave, self! Be brave! You need not be intimidated in front of him! We aren’t born for that! I took a deep breath before I decided to leave the lavatory. I even cocked my neck from side to side and even cracked my fingers like I was taking confidence and courage from it. I took a glance at Ms. Perry who was continuing her work. For someone like her, I wonder what made her continue her work for more than fifteen years here in Huntington, Inc. What did she see here to make her stay here for years? Perhaps, loyalty to the company plus a large amount of salary because she stayed there for more than fifteen years. They could have given her a loyalty certificate. Upon touching the doorknob, I counted up to five before I opened the door. “Is there anything you need, Sir Sebastian? Coffee? Food?” I asked the moment I closed the door. His eyes that were on the paper were raised to look at me. “You.” “H-Huh?” My eyes widened from his answer. My mouth even dropped. What the fuck... “You... We’re still not done talking,” he said solemnly. I blinked so many times. Then I coughed and smiled wryly at him. Goodness! II thought that he needed me... “Sir Sebastian, let’s forget about my dumbness.” Get away from this, Cejay! Hurry! “I know! I’ll make you a coffee!” “No need. I already asked Ms. Perry to make me a new one.” I gulped when I saw the steaming cup of coffee on his desk. “H-How about food? I can order you a clubhouse sandwich.” I was about to reach the doorknob but his authoritative voice stopped me. “Stop right there, Ms. Merrywheather. I did not say that I am hungry so fucking sit down right here and we will talk.” Damn it! I slowly turned around as I was feeling helpless right now. I knew it. I knew that I couldn’t get away from this issue. Damn you, Cejay! Damn you! “Fine. If you insist,” I said and frowned. I walked towards the chair that was right in front of Sir Sebastian’s desk and sat there, making myself comfortable. But I don’t think I could sit here comfortably. “Now, answer my question earlier,” he ordered. I gazed at him before I looked away for a moment and calmed myself for a while. I need to think rationally so I could give him a proper answer later. “Because I want to learn it now. Not like this. I wasn’t born to be a personal assistant. I was born to be a leader not be like other people ordering me around.” I don’t think what I say is a proper answer. Just by looking at him, he already knew that my answer made him squinted his eyes as he slowly shook his head. “When you started working here at my company, Ms. Merrywheather, what was your job position before you were promoted as marketing head?” he asked. HHe became more attentive. He even clapped his hands as he placed his elbows on the top of his desk. “I was one of the marketing associates,” I answered. “Then promoted to senior associate, to marketing analyst, marketing coordinator, and finally, marketing head.” “What is the role of marketing associate?” I furrowed my eyebrows at his next question. Confused, I chose to answer him. “Planning and implementing marketing and advertising activities. The marketing head even asked the marketing associates to do some task.” “When you were promoted to marketing head, is it an advantage with you that you started in a low position?” “Uh... What is this? Am I in a job interview or what?” I asked, acting a suspicious action from him. “Just answer my question!” His voice raised impatiently. I raised both of my hands. “Okay, okay. Chill!” But he just shot me a glare. “Yes, it is my advantage since becoming a marketing head and I started from a lower position, I already know the process in marketing...” I slowly paused when I realized what he wanted to do. He nodded and plastered a sly smile. “It seems like I don’t have to explain things with you about being my assistant. You already know it.” That made me speechless again. I thought he was asking me like I was in a job interview but I was wrong. He was just making me realize that I should be patient and should start from a lower position to understand the process. Just like how I started as a marketing associate before I became a marketing head. He gave me a lesson about taking everything to climb to the stepping stone. “I’m confused.” I looked at him, perplexed. “Confused? About what?” “Does this mean before you became the CEO and President of Huntington Inc., you started at a lower position?” “What do you think?” I glared at him which earned him a grin. “You’re shitty to talk with.” “Why are you interested to know?” “Why can’t you just answer it?” I asked back, challenging him. I saw how his eyes flashed in mischief. “Why, yes, I am,” he answered after he stayed silent for a long moment that made me so agitated. “From what position then?” “Does it matter?” “Just answer it!” I am starting to get annoyed with this man. He knew when to mock me by doing things like that. Even though I only spent two days working with him, I already by the first day I started working, he would make my life hell. Sir Sebastian chuckled from my sudden outburst. He knew that I was irritated with him. “Fine, fine. I’ll answer it so you would stop. After I answer this, I want you to go back and continue your work.” I nodded. “I will!” He looked at me for a moment before he took his pen while answering my question, “I was a personal assistant of my father when he was still the CEO and President of Huntington Inc.” My eyes widened. “What?!” “Now, I answered your question...” he paused. His eyes flew to me and the direction of my desk. “But...”He arched his eyebrow. I frowned and stood up. “Fine...” I huffed then returned to my desk.
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