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Chapter 12

  • I flattened my pencil skirt, removing the crumpled fabric while the plane was landing at the Suvarnabhumi Airport. We just arrived at our destination. We reached Bangkok safe and sound. I glanced at Sir Sebastian only to see him looking outside the window. His elbow was leaning on the armchair while his hand was covering his mouth, deeply contemplating. He looked so goddamn hot on that ankle-on-knee leg cross. This is so unfair. Why did he have to look so attractive and captivating with that kind of sitting position? "Something wrong?" I snapped back, blinking so many times. I felt a hot and cold feeling run across my spine up to my ears, getting caught up by my boss. I shook my head. "Nothing, boss." I sighed inwardly as I felt relief gushed through me. It was a total relief that I didn't falter in my words nor stammer from it. I don't want him to suspect that I was indeed checking him out. Secretly. Or maybe it wouldn't be a secret once he catches me again checking out on him. He averted his gaze at me and glued his ocean blue eyes outside the window. This time he placed his chin on his hand, leaning closer to the window. I averted my gaze as well and checked my tablet. I need to recheck the appointments of Sir Sebastian for today. Just by looking at the arrangement makes me want to rest immediately. "Here are your schedules for today, Sir Sebastian," I started and cited his schedule I arranged for today. "Remove the appointment of meeting with Larry Cilantro," he said nonchalantly. My eyes widened from what he said and looked at him in disbelief. "A-Are you sure, sir?" Like is he serious right now? A Hollywood artist, Larry Cilantro who had become famous during his mid-20s because of his incredible movies, and of course, the way he acted was realistic. He had an exquisite voice as well. He is now 55 years old and had a great business here in Bangkok. His business is a construction material manufacturer. He married a Thai woman and resided here in Thailand. Sir Sebastian cocked his eyebrow at me. "I don't need to deal with him. He is not after for a business deal." My lips parted as I got more confused. "But he made an appointment with me after he had known you are coming to Bangkok." Just what the heck is wrong with him? It was my first time I even talked to a celebrity with a cheerful voice but right now, it was hard to inform Mr. Cilantro about this if Sir Sebastian would be canceling his appointment. He shot me a glare. "Cejay..." A sudden chill crawled under my skin when he called me by my name with no abbreviation. That made me gulp. "When I said remove it, fucking remove it!" I flinched and shot him a glare. This man... He is being grumpy and all again. A forced smile curled up on my lips. "Sure. Noted, Mr. Huntington." There was a slight vexation at the tone of my voice. I couldn't help it. There were even some times that I would dare to talk back with Sir Sebastian. Sometimes he would scold me but there were times he would just stay silent and silently watch me as I sparked annoyance against him. We arrived at the airport safely and were met by Mr. Taliban. It is a negotiation of a partnership of Sir Sebastian with Mr. Taliban for great dealings with new resources. IIt is a hundred billion dollar bill. Thus, the negotiation was successful. I even called Mr. Cilantro, after Sir Sebastian and I were having our early dinner at the hotel we are checking in, to have his appointment canceled decided by my boss. I hated it when he decided like this. I was the one who felt humiliated. But there was nothing I could do. I only worked for him. He is still the boss, the one who paid my salary. "My deepest apologies, Mr. Cilantro," I said, feeling how sorry I was for canceling the appointment while I was having a crooked face, averting my gaze from Sir Sebastian who was silently watching me. "I see. I'll ask permission if it's okay." He said that he would like to pay Sir Sebastian a visit to the hotel we were staying in but I highly doubt that he would agree to see Mr. Cilantro for some reason. I ended the call with a sullen heart. I heard how disappointed his voice was. It was disheartening every time I had to cancel an appointment. Sometimes, I don't feel remorse if it comes to a rude client. I would love to oblige from canceling it and inform it with hostility. A pair of ocean blue eyes made me want to look at him after the call. As I shifted my eyes back to him, my heart rummaged against my chest as to how his orbs pierced on me. I gulped as I shifted to my seat, feeling that uncomfortable part that he was staring at me again. AAlthough this was not the first time that I caught him staring at me like I was some kind of experimental object that he needs to objectify, the thing is it makes me feel uncomfortable for a while. "M-Mr. Cilantro is asking your permission to pay you a visit to where we are staying, S-Sir Sebastian." Damn it! I already stammered. I cleared my throat to compose myself. "He wants to know your location, sir." His face darkened upon hearing my news. "No," he hardly said. Baffled, I dared myself to spout a question. "If you don't mind, may I know the reason, sir?" His hooded eyes looked at me, bored. "Why are you interested?" My face flushed from sudden embarrassment. It was obvious he didn't want to talk about it and perhaps this was making him uncomfortable yet I did not respect his privacy. But I shouldn't feel this way. I shouldn't be kept in the dark. I mustered all my courage and bravery side mine and spoke, "Isn't this part of being a CEO? I need to know the reason why you are acting like this. So that if in case I encounter this case like yours, I would know how to deal with it properly." I'm getting annoyed for being a folded one just by making myself scared from his presence. It was irritating. He remained silent for a moment and just stared at me again. I frowned at his blank expression. He was hard to read right now. "Speak up now, Sebastian," I commanded him, leaning in my seat and crossed my arms over my chest. "You are pissing me off." Ah, shit! I'm tired of pretending to be an obedient and modest person when he is around. His lips slightly parted. Then the corners of his mouth curled into a mirthful one. He scoffed a short laugh before he sipped on his red wine. "It is rare to see this annoyance in yours, Ms. Merrywheather." I snorted and rolled my eyes. "The moment you become my assistant, you turn to be a benevolent, thoughtful, and passionate one. A boring personality. "I gasped as my jaw dropped in disbelief. Don't tell me that he found it disgusting? "I abundantly nurtured this personality for you. How dare you!" I was already risking my job right now but I couldn't just back out after what I just heard. Sir Sebastian let out a deep chuckle as he gazed at me with mischief in his eyes. "You should stick to a feisty, combative, and full of energy just like the day I interrogated you. And also that side you showed me right now." Skeptical, I couldn't help but frown at his remark. I felt like he insulted me. I was already here, uncomfortable in my seat, wanting to be buried half of my body six feet below the ground right now. "Your personality before is suitable for you. I think I like you." My eyes widened. "W-What?" I parroted. My heart was raging so wild as I felt my cheeks heating up. He formed a smirk. "I think I like you more," he repeated.
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