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Chapter 29

  • "I can't believe you actually called me here for I thought it was an emergency but all you want me to do is to tie your necktie?!" I said, complaining as I frowned. Sebastian showed a sheepish grin. I was annoyed so I tightened his necktie which caused him to cough. "What the hell!" He stepped backwards and shot me a glare. I smiled sweetly. "Oh, sorry, Sir Sebastian. I did it intentionally," I said mockingly. His eyes squinted. "You cunning woman..." I just flipped my hair, looking at him boastfully. "Let me fix it again," I said with a grin. His face turned sour which made me grin. "No, thanks. I can manage." He faced the mirror to fix the necktie that almost choked him. "Let me fix your hair, Sebastian." I walked to take the comb and waved it at him. He just gave me a look of hesitation like he couldn't trust me anymore. I rolled my eyes. "Trust me. This isn't against my will." I approached him and made him sit on his bed. He just let himself be situated as he let me comb his hair. I even took some gel and gently rubbed it into his hair. "Have you already had your breakfast, Cejay?" Sebastian asked, looking up at me to meet my eyes. I twitched my lips. "What do you think?" My voice was masked with pure sarcasm. That earned him a grin. "Well, then, we can have some breakfast here. I am very sure Lourdes already cooked some breakfast. It's a shame that I am the only one who will eat them when she gets to know you're coming." I looked at him in disbelief and his reasoning. "You have been so talkative, Sebastian. I can't believe you can ever construct many sentences. That's improving..." I curled up a grin, looking down at him. "Huh. Sarcasm at its finest," he said, shaking his head a little. "Don't move!" I commanded him. I brushed his hair and fixed it properly. Then I smiled once his hair was fixed up. "There, pal. I am already done. Now, you can go on the date." I wiggled my eyebrows to tease him. He just shook his head as a response. If I didn't know Sebastian better, I would have known that he is allergic to girls. "Let's go downstairs." I had breakfast with Sebastian. Like before, the atmosphere was quiet but sometimes we managed to have a conversation. Sebastian, as annoying as he was, kept on teasing me until I exploded with irritation. He really got the nerve to even tease me. This grumpy man... I fixed our plates and emptied my coffee then went to the kitchen to wash the dishes while Sebastian was preparing back to his room. I looked for Lourdes and the other maids named Shera, Kai, Phila but they were not around. They were probably outside doing gardening. I silently washed the used plates and cups. I hastened my move because I didn't want Lourdes to catch me when I had washed the dishes. They would probably scold me later. But it doesn't matter. I settled myself in the living room while waiting for Sebastian. My eyes decided to roam around and eyed his furniture that cost a fortune. I couldn't believe he was all alone and had no family yet. Why couldn't he just court the woman he loved so he could have his own family soon? He was freaking rich, that was why this expensive furniture was just a dime for him and he could pay someone to marry him to have an heir for him. I went near the furnace and checked out his photos. The photos displayed were from those recent events. He really looked so strikingly handsome. He would have great genes. IIf I'm a whore, I would probably want to have his sperm so I could get pregnant. I grinned from the silliness of my thoughts but I also castigated myself. I admit that I had a crush on Sebastian. Who wouldn't like him? He's hot and handsome... but the disadvantage is he's grumpy as fuck. I'm quite confused about why there were no photos of his teenage years or even his young adult life. For the whole year I was here, I had never seen any pictures of his young age. "Let's go." My heart jumped out of my ribcage upon hearing Sebastian's manly, deep voice. I turned to my right and saw him in the middle of the stairs, staring down at me. I immediately distanced myself away from the furnace and nodded. "Noted, sir," I said formally. It's time to be an obedient but stubborn personal assistant for him. He walked towards me and walked right past me. I smelled his Paco Rabbane Poor Homme. Its scent has a nice floral touch with a luxurious, soapy fragrance. It was Sebastian's favorite perfume. I took my handbag that was on the couch and followed him. Although Sebastian and I really got along, I had to keep my distance from him to maintain professionalism with him. I could still jest with him but only for a limited time as Sebastian didn't want to get interrupted with his work. I was too occupied when I suddenly got bumped on his back. My eyes widened and I quickly stepped back. "Is something wrong, Sir Sebastian?" I asked, almost frowning at my question. Why did he suddenly halt from walking? What is the matter with this grumpy man again? His masculine, toned back suddenly vanished when he spun around to look down on me. HHis cold, void of emotional eyes were seething on me which shocked me. It has been a while since I last saw that expression of his. "Take my phone upstairs. It's on the bedside table of my room." My mouth almost dropped from his order. Instead of barking him back about how stupid he was for forgetting his phone, I nodded. "I will, sir." I put down my bag on the couch and went upstairs. I'd been in his room so many times so I get what he meant. Like I had been in his room to fix his freaking necktie. My first time coming here was like I was totally overwhelmed by how huge his house was. The huge is completely bulk and massive but looks lonely and empty. I twisted the doorknob of the door of his room and was met again by the dark-colored interior design from the ceiling up to his bed with matching white, black, and brown colors. I spotted his phone on the bedside table and took it. The sound of my clicking heels was the only thing I could hear as I was emerging out of his room. Then my eyes went straight to the door across the room of my boss. I saw it was slightly opened. "That's strange..." I murmured. As far as I know, Sir Sebastian didn't leave that particular room unlocked. I had never seen it unlocked ever since I stepped on his house. I'd been to the other part of the rooms of Sir Sebastian but he made a restriction not to go inside there. I blinked and got curious. Also, I'm quite worried. It was supposed to be locked as far as I heard from Sebastian. His order to Lourdes was to keep that room locked in any circumstances. I got to see a shelf peeking behind the door full of books. Quite interesting... BBut I don't think that was a library because the library and office of Sir Sebastian were downstairs. "What's taking you so long?" I snapped back when I heard the loud, almost banging voice of Sebastian. I decided to look away and hurried downstairs. I met his knitted forehead and sharp glare that could make me standstill on my ground. Almost. But I am not that afraid. "I apologize for the inconvenience. Here's your phone." He took it from my hand. I slowly breathed in when I felt a sudden jolt of electricity flowing under my skin the moment our skin touched. I gulped and diverted my attention to my bag. "What's taking you so long to go downstairs, Cejay?" His baritone, stoic voice was evidence of how irritated he was with me even though I had already given what he wanted. Should I answer him properly? Should I tell him what concerns me? I cleared my throat. "I saw the room across from your room was slightly opened, sir. I was about to—" "Did you come near it?" My eyes widened from his unexpected, hastened move as he grabbed my arm harshly with his eyes burning with annoyance. The tone of his voice had given a hint of a dangerous and jinx tone that could make me want to dig my foot below the ground. I remained cool and met his sharp stare. "I did not come near it, okay? I am just informing you," I said, half-annoyed then I jerked his hand off me. I won't let him tolerate this kind of abuse. I had been a Taekwondo master so any move from him would end up being bruised. But Sir Sebastian narrowed his eyes at me before he went upstairs. I was suddenly irked when I heard him closing the door with so much force. I furrowed my eyebrows. What was so wrong with him acting like an asshole? It was not like I attempted to come near it. I rolled my eyes mentally. When he went downstairs, he walked past me and went to his garage. I could see his dark, menacing, and eerie aura levitating around him. Geez! The old man was very grumpy today. Way more grumpy than before. He was fine earlier and we had a nice talk. I just huffed from it. He picked his Maserati car and entered the driver's seat. Feeling awkward around him, I hopped on to his passenger seat. This was gonna be a long ride for me. For sure.
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