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Chapter 7

  • “Ms. Perry, here are the contracts signed by Mr. Huntington,” I said as I placed down the piled files I was holding on her desk. “Thank you, Ms. Merrywheather.” I bowed my head a little. But before I could return to Mr. Huntington’s office, she called my attention. I tilted my head, perplexed. She then smiled a little. “Welcome back,” that’s all she said and returned to her work. I remained speechless and just smiled. Just before I could return, I called Ms. Perry’s attention. “Um... May I ask how’s Mr. Socrates?” I remembered him just now. I wonder how he was right now. “You can ask Mr. Huntington for that, Ms. Merrywheather,” she answered and ignored me to continue her work. I clicked my tongue and rolled my eyes before I returned to Mr. Huntington’s office. Ms. Perry never changed at all. She always acted like she is intimidating even though she wasn’t. She was very hostile and rugged. I never once feel threatened just by seeing Ms. Perry. I just felt awkward because she was acting awkward that didn’t fit her. I approached Mr. Huntington when he was busy reading some papers, wearing his reading glasses. I gulped. I admit he looked so hot just by wearing his glasses. He looked like one of the male main characters I am reading from novels. I shook that thought away. Focus, Cejay! Stop imagining things against your boss! Mr. Huntington is to be blamed for this! Why does he have to look so dashing and flamboyant even though he looked so ruthless and cruel? That is so unfair! < “Ms. Merrywheather!” I flinched as Mr. Huntington called my attention. “Y-Yes, boss?” Damn it! I didn’t realize I was spacing out! What is wrong with you today, self?! His brows furrowed. “I am asking you. Is there something that you want and you are standing right in front of my desk?” he said. I gulped as his dominating and intimidating attitude started to roam around his office. I knew it was all wrong agreeing with Mr. Huntington about being his PA. The rumors were true that Mr. Huntington is scary after all. But no.I shouldn’t let myself be intimidated by a guy even if he is my boss. I wouldn’t be Cejay Merryweather if I would just let a guy intimidates me. “Um...” I paused. What am I going to ask him again? Ah, yes! I remember! “Mr. Huntington, may I ask how’s Mr. Socrates? Did you fire him?” Mr. Huntington moved to massage his nape. “Why do you ask, Ms. Merrywheather?” he asked and continued reading the paper on his desk. Dumbfounded, I furrowed my eyebrows. “I want to know what action have you governed against him. Did you fire him? Where is he now?” Mr. Huntington sighed in defeat. “If I will answer your questions, you will stay quiet and let me work here?” I nodded with determination. “Yes.” I just want to know how Mr. Socrates was. I’d been praying that Mr. Huntington didn’t fire him. II would totally blame myself if he fired Mr. Socrates. It was my fault after all for being so careless. “He is still here and still working under my employment, Ms. Merrywheather. I did not fire him since you admit your mistakes but still, you managed to make the internal auditing department skittish and anxious from your action.” I bit my lower lip. I knew that part. It caused slight alarm and panic from the management especially the internal auditing department. But things were already taken care of. And I ended up interrogated along with Mr. Socrates. The rest is history. “Next time, Ms. Merrywheather.” I raised my head to look at Mr. Huntington, feeling guilty. “Be more strict from your work. Always recheck everything. There is no room for error when you become a CEO, do you get me? Or even from what job position you have.” His voice was a bit stern. He sounded like a strict professor way back in my college days. But I do get him. I will keep in my mind that I wouldn’t repeat the same mistake twice. “I understand, Sir Sebastian. I will be more vigilant and discreet in my work as your personal assistant,” I said earnestly. I want to prove to him that I am willing to change myself. That I deserve a second chance. “I am glad to know that you did not fire Mr. Socrates. Thank you,” I said wholeheartedly. I sighed in relief upon knowing the situation of Mr. Socrates. I am really glad to know that he is still here. Guilt lifted from my chest. < “Ms. Merrywheather.” “Yes, sir?” “It is best if you will call me on my name from now on. That would be suitable.” I huffed. “You mean calling you Sebastian only? No way! You are still my boss after all.” The heck! So I am calling him on his name basis. That is so rude to me. There is no way I’m gonna do that! Mr. Huntington shrugged. “Whichever you prefer to call me then. I don’t mind.” I arched my eyebrow and pursed my lips into a thin line to halt myself from laughing. I had something in my mind. I would like to try to tell to Mr. Huntington and see his reaction. “How about Mr. Oh-so Scary CEO?” I grinned. Damn it, Cejay! You are so fucking brave to joke around with your boss. “Go ahead. I dare you then.” “What? Are you serious?” I looked at him in disbelief. I couldn’t believe he would dare me to call him like that. “I told you I don’t mind.” I gulped, looking at him suspiciously. I was just kidding him yet he was taking it seriously. There was no way I am gonna call him like that. This guy... He likes to take things literally. Remind yourself again, Cejay not to joke around with him. I was expecting him to frown and all but what I received is the opposite. Damn it! I huffed then I rolled my eyes. I gave up! “C’mon! I am just kidding you, Mr. Huntington! Don’t take things literally! You’ll grow old!” DDamn it! I am going to risk my job here for talking like he and I were friends. He shrugged. “So be it, Ms. Merrywheather. I want you to call me that since you are the one who suggested it.” I twitched my lips. The nerve of this guy... I just told him don’t take things literally yet he was doing it right now. I groaned. “Argh! You are a hopeless case!” I was about to enter the pantry when I heard Mr. Huntington’s lowly deep chuckle. “Don’t forget to bring me some hot coffee, Ms. Merrywheather. And remember to call me on that suggested name you have.” I closed the door. Then I clenched my hands. I acted like Mr. Huntington is in front of me then punched my fists in the air. I had never been so annoyed with a guy! I never knew that Mr. Huntington has this kind of attitude! I thought he was just eerie, intimidating, and scary... but he was very irritating to even talk with. I massaged my temple, huffing from annoyance. I exploded a series of expletives. Damn it! If only he is not my boss, I would have really kicked him right in his face. I sighed and fanned myself. “Calm down, Cejay... Calm down, self... Don’t stress yourself or the stress will eat you,” I mumbled under my breath. Mr. Huntington is just pretty annoying. I know that for a fact. Has he been like this to Ms. Perry? Or to other corporate associates of the company? I faced the kitchen countertop and gulped upon seeing so many coffee maker machines on the counter. “What the heck...” Great! I even don’t know how to use these coffee maker machines... I only know their names because Marlou had taught me different kinds of coffee machines. But I don’t remember their brands. There were drip coffee brewer and Moka stove espresso makers. I hissed silently. I am scared to even make a coffee for Mr. Huntington. Just what if he wouldn’t like the coffee I will make? I sighed in defeat. “Great... Just great...”
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