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Chapter 10

  • I was quiet the whole ride until we reached the airport. I was sitting in the backseat along with Sir Sebastian as he was busy with his phone calls. His sudden outburst the other day bothered me a lot. Although I had experienced that before, that certain day was quite different from previous days he used me as an emotional punching bag. I got used to it. It hurt indeed but I can bear it. As we arrived, Sir Sebastian was taking advanced strides than me while I was pulling my trolley bag and his. I sighed and watched him get out of my sight as he mixed himself to the crowds. "That grumpy man..." I rolled my eyes as he left me behind. I did my best to catch up with him but the crowds were making a hindrance for me to keep on following him. I exploded some series of expletives for some reason. I gasped and immediately looked to the person who just touched my hand as I felt a jolt of electricity flowing in my skin. My eyes widened seeing the frowning boss of mine. "What's taking you so long? Can't you catch up with me?" he asked, annoyed at me. My jaw almost dropped but I instantly recovered. Instead, I forced an apologetic smile and I bowed my head. "Pardon me, Sir Sebastian." I saw how he arched his eyebrow. He knew. He knew that I sounded sarcastic. I continued taking strides after I passed by him. I gasped when he suddenly snatched his trolley bag from me. "Um... Sir..." I paused. He threw me a glance. "You walk like you're on the moon right now. I'll take my luggage so you won't feel that I am making you a slave." He snorted and walked ahead of me. Okay... What's up with him? It was the first time he helped me with his luggage. He never helped me whenever I was the one who pulled on his luggage. Only his bodyguards helped me from carrying the luggage to the compartment and we are all done. Strange though... Good thing that we never have to hop on to the first-class plane. Sir Sebastian has the fortune. He even had his private jet plane so it was not a worry for him since he has busy schedules and he needs to get to the place with less hassle on his part. I sat across him after I went to the lavatory. I got a chance to check his majestic, enigmatic look. He was on his laptop. I lowered my head to grab my iPad. "We will be seeing Mr. Taliban in the next 24 hours, Sir Sebastian," I recalled. "Are the papers ready?" he asked without looking at me. I raised my glance to see him wearing his anti-radiation reading glasses. I nodded at him and bestowed him the papers he and Mr. Taliban need to sign later. "Keep it and have it ready later," he ordered. "Understood." I made a checklist and even confirmed the booking hotel. I even prepared his itinerary after he was done with his work. If in case he would be willing to have some relaxation. I cleared my throat to grab his attention for a while. "Will you consider the itinerary I made?" I already know the answer to this. How many times have I asked him? "No." I mentally rolled my eyes. I knew it. This asshole boss of mine really couldn't appreciate my effort. Why do I even bother to prepare his itinerary if, in the end, he wouldn't use it? I would love to shove him into being a workaholic businessman. < "Okay." Was the only thing I could say and rather chose to be silent afterward. He was getting on my nerves with his coldness. Sometimes he would make fun of me, then he would go back to his usual stoic expression in a second. I could already surmise he has multiple personality disorders. I want to say that but I won't risk my job again. "You can take your rest, Cejay. We still have a long ride before we reach Bangkok," he informed me before standing up and going to his private room. I nodded. I settled my iPad to my bag and stood up to take in a new empty airline seat. He was right. It would be a long ride. It was already 9 PM. I need to take a rest because I know that I will be having jet lag later. I took my blanket with me before I covered myself with it. I even settled in my chair and turned my head to the closed window. I was really tired from the ride where I didn't get a chance to take a nap because I had to pack my bags. I sighed before I slowly drifted off to my sleep. I woke up, feeling like someone who was slightly caressing my lips. But when I opened my eyes, I found no one on the plane. I roamed my eyes around and gasped which made me immediately rise in my seat when I saw Sir Sebastian in his pajamas. He threw me a cold glance before he returned his eyes to his laptop. "You're early. You should go back to sleep." I checked my wristwatch and saw it was already past 5 AM. I mindlessly touched my lips with my hand when I remembered a soft caress earlier. "'Something wrong?" I snapped back and looked at Sir Sebastian. I shook my head. ""Nothing..." I sat down and covered myself with my blanket. I fixed my eyes on the window. All I could see from the horizon was the sun rays of red-orange and yellow were trying to succumb to the darkness of a 5 AM sky. It was beautiful to look at actually. I fluttered my eyes as I yawned. I am still sleepy but I couldn't afford to fall asleep again. In less than 30 minutes, I had to prepare Sir Sebastian's breakfast. It was my job to cook for him every time we were on his private jet plane for a long ride to the destination for business. I made a loud yawn again before I set my eyes on Sir Sebastian. My heart suddenly jumped when I saw him looking at me as he was taking a sip on the cup of his coffee. Shit... Here he was again... I had been working with him for a year already. I don't know if it was just me for, over that year, he was looking on my way or what. He was like he was observing me in any possible way... like scrutinizing my actions. It was making me uncomfortable sometimes but I was getting used to it. I just don't let it affect me, I think... I calmed down before I composed myself in my seat. Then I turned at Sir Sebastian whose eyes were still fixed on me. I slightly pinched my hand when I felt sudden chills crawling down my spine. "Sir, what do you want for breakfast?" I asked, thanking myself that I didn't falter. He looked away and fixed his eyes on his laptop. "Any food will do," he said coldly and shut his laptop harshly before he stood up. I watched him as he passed by me. He just went straight to his suite and shut the door. I slowly frowned at his action. "Being grumpy as always," I muttered under my breath and rolled my eyes. "He never changed." Even after a year working with him. I decided to stand up from my seat again and stretched out my arms. I had to endure another long flight. I hope my boss will decide to land at the nearest airport for a short stroll. It'll bore me out for staying here for another hour. I remembered something. Why did I even decide to sleep in the airline seat? I sighed, realizing I also have my suit like my boss. So stupid of me... I shook my head and went to my suite. I immediately went straight to my bed and covered myself with blankets. I even closed the blinds. I don't want to wake up yet. I think Sir Sebastian stays up all night. I looked at the ceiling upon the realization. He hasn't changed his clothes from last night. So I think he stayed up late again... "Weird..." I mumbled under my breath.
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