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  • Mayra what were you doing with Max, yesterday? His question started spinning inside my mind and my whole body froze in shock and fear. 
  • He knows. He knows.  The topic which I was trying for so long to avoid was already known by him. I should have told him in the first place. 
  • I gulped down the saliva and tilted my head upwards to look into his eyes but he has shut them closed with clenched jaw and hard expressions. I clutched his shirt for support and tried to compose my uneven breath. Everything was going perfect. But why it always happens that whenever I feel like happiness has knocked on my door, suddenly it disappears before even I can open that door? 
  • “Answer." He said again in calm tone but this calmness wasn’t ordinary. It seems like the calmness before that of heavy storm. 
  • I tried to say something, but words doesn't came out. 
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