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Chapter 42

  • You can do this Mayra. I repeated over and over again the same thing in my mind, pressing my fingers firmly over the doorknob. What else can happen except that he might be angry, hurt, disappointed, sad or maybe something more? I have to face him, if it means tolerating his anger which I know right now must be at its best. How long can I avoid him and why would I do so when I've done nothing wrong? I agree I should have not gone to that club but now I couldn't change it. What's done was done. Now all I can do is to somehow make him believe that I will never do anything intentionally to hurt him or our relationship.
  • After thinking constantly for two hours only thing which I solved was to have a talk with Rehan. If I will not solve everything right now in this moment then like last month all will remain stormed between us. 
  • With a deep breath I pushed the door. Okay here we go.
  • Everything was dark. Lights were off. What? Is he asleep? I took one deep breath and turned the lights on. For a second my eyes fell on bed but it was empty and in a passing moment my eyes landed on the floor which almost took my breath away.
  • There was Rehan, on the floor. His fingers were tightly clenched over his stomach. He had his eyes shut rather forcefully. His breathing was abnormal.
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