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Chapter 12

  • I managed to walk towards the closet despite my wounded feet and started searching for something appropriate to wear for tonight's event. Although I wasn't ecstatic to go, Rehan had made it clear I had no choice, simply saying that I had to. It almost seemed impossible for me to go there in this condition but he wouldn't care. 
  • "Come on sweetheart, hurry up" He let out his word with a small chuckle. 
  • I nodded. 
  • "Don't!!" He yelled causing me to flinch slightly, turning my face towards him I realized he was lying on the bed looking at the dress I was holding in my hand. I raised my eyebrows in question. 
  • "Don't wear that." He said, well more like commanded. I let my gaze to linger on the dress in my hand. 
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