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Chapter 7

  • MAYRA'S POV Life is always unpredictable. It always sends those things to us which are hard to accept. But maybe a new hope of happiness can shine from them. Maybe. I closed my eyes and grabbed my hair into messy bun. As I reopened my eyes, I found my reflection in the mirror. My lips automatically twitched into a painful smile. Some people find insecurity running in their reflection, they find the reasons which will make them feel hated by the world. And there are some other one's also who only watch confidence in them. But instead of falling into either of these categories, I always saw a broken girl in my reflection who was trying hard to put everything together with a smile. I just hope that the path on which I am going to step, will bring happiness in Rehan's life. I want to marry him, so that I can help him. But the fear of something strange is chilling my spine. Will I be able to help him? Will he will let me to do so? I pursued my lips together whilst staring at the dress which was lying on my bed, reminding constantly to change into that dress so that the makeup and hairstyle artist can come inside and complete their role. I sighed and after changing, I called them. Two girls walked inside and I passed both of them with a warm smile, they instantly returned the gesture by curving their lips into slight smile. "Hello Mayra, my name is Lily and I am your makeup artist for tonight." "Err- Mayra I am Sophia, your hair artist." I once again smiled at them whilst mentally sticking their names inside my brain's memory center. "So let us start first with your hairs." Sophia exclaimed in excitement. Okay. They are kind of sweet. "Err..Is all this necessary?" I gestured towards the cosmetics. "It takes makeup to look natural." Lilly said while passing a wink to me. "You are quoting Calvin Klein." I remarked and they laughed. "Come on, Soon to be going Mrs. Mayra Malhotra, let us do our work." Mrs. Mayra Malhotra? First time in my whole life, any title was being attached to my name but still it felt good. "Why are you so happy?" Rehan asked, entering the room, once Sophia and Lily were gone. "Because today is my wedding day and I guess any bride will be happy to be at my place after all I am going to marry Mr. Rehan Malhotra." I joked, just to watch his reaction but his face held no reaction. "Don't." "Don't try to read my facial expressions. Stop behaving like a psychiatrist around me." He said in light tone and I just nodded with a small smile. "I am happy because from today my new life is going to start." I said. "Maybe because after today you won't get a reason to be happy as you are going to marry that person who himself isn't capable to feeling happiness." *** I sat down on the bed nervously after taking one long deep breath. Looking around, I found his room to be typical like his personality. Dark and cold. "You are still awake?" My eyes landed at the owner of the voice and there I spot Rehan walking inside through the door with his blazer hanging over his shoulder. He seemed tired and sleepy. I licked my lips before returning my eyes down to my nails. "It's kind of difficult to sleep in new surrounding."I said in a low voice and he chuckled, lying straight on the bed with crossed legs and his hands resting beneath his head. "Develop a habit then." He pointed bluntly, closing his eyes. "It's my first night in this room, probably I'll develop the habit soon." I replied and he chuckled once again with closed eyes. I saw that like earlier, he was still going to sleep, wearing his shoes. I silently shifted to remove his shoes. "You are not supposed to do that." I smiled slightly. "But the one who was supposed to do that was sleeping." "Don't." He breathed out in harsh tone. "Huh?" "Don't pretend that you care for me." My eyebrows automatically knitted in confusion. Why would I pretend when I do care? "Headache?" I questioned when I saw him pressing fingers over his forehead but all I got was silence in response. I placed a blanket over him and smiled. He's my husband and now it was my responsibility to keep him away from his every pain even if it was just a simple headache. I sat next to his head and after inhaling a deep breath, I placed my fingers over his temple. He was taken back but instead of saying anything he remained still. Suddenly after a minute later, he grabbed my arms. I had a feel that he might be angry but instead his face was void. "If you want to help me with this then pass me the painkillers, which I guess were on the nightstand." I nodded and handed him the painkillers with a glass full of water. "Here, take it." He instantly gulped down the medicine with water and gave the glass back. "Now you can continue." He said once he reached to his initial position. "Continue? What?" I asked. He raised his eyebrows and pointed his index finger towards his temple. A smile danced over my lips. "Your fingers feels more effective for headache than any other medicine." I flushed. "What is that one thing in which you aren't perfectionist?" He questioned me out of blue and I smiled. "In understanding you." I replied him the first thought which crossed my mind. "That's what I want to say. I am unable to understand you." He said, stressing over the ‘you’ word. "There's nothing special in me which could be understood." "That's a lie. You are something different, something -wait a second where is your family?" I gulped down my saliva at his question and dig my nails into my thigh. Family? My lips started quivering. I released a sharp breath and closed my eyes tightly shut. "Here, you are my family now." I said in a low voice, trying to control my tears. He instantly looked at me like I have grown two heads. "I am asking about your real family like your parents and all." I chewed my inner cheeks at and a tear escaped down my eyes. I wiped it away and with a smile I whispered. "I was in orphanage." His eyes went wider in shock. "Want to talk?" I blinked several times as I never expected such words from him. But instead of saying anything, I shook my head and tucked the hair locks behind my ear. Although I badly needed someone to share the horrible feeling of my childhood when I used to miss my parents but I don't want to share them with Rehan. I know he'll think that I want sympathy from him. "There is nothing to talk about." I said and he shrugged his shoulder like he doesn’t care. "What about your family?" After few minutes, I asked and he let out a deep breath and clenched his fists together. "Sleep, you are going to have a long day tomorrow." He pushed my arms away. "Goodnight." Definitely I am unable to understand him.
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