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Chapter 37

  • "Once there was a young couple who were madly in love in spite of the fact that boy's family hated his girlfriend because she was not up to their standard. They were forced to break apart but still their love somehow survived. Soon that girl was pregnant and it was blessing for both of them. But Mayra life isn't a fairy tale that everything will turn out good in the end. The boy's family was very rich and famous, they had somehow accepted his relationship but when they found out that he was going to become a father, they were not sure about that. They said if that boy will become father at such age than he for sure gets distracted and fail to run his inherited company. Then his family put an option in front of him either he terminate his girlfriend's unborn or end his relationship with her. So instead of opting any option, the couple decided to give birth to their child and then they'll give to orphanage in a hope that one day they'll get their child back from that orphanage." Mrs. Saxena narrated a story to me. 
  • I stood their awkwardly, confused that why she was telling me all this? 
  • I knitted my eyebrows and looked in her eyes to find them moistened. Her face was holding regret and pain. The way her eye flickered several times, it took no long for me to realize that whatever she said was her own story. 
  • That means the article I've read about them searching for their daughter was true. I sucked for breath and thought that how much hard it was for both of them to send their child to orphanage. 
  • Orphanage. 
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