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Chapter 25

  • I tilted my head a little towards the car window and inhaled a sharp breath, stealing a glance of Rehan who was driving with his eyes fixed at windshield. Atmosphere inside his car seems to be silently comfortable. The sun has already settled down leaving behind the dark clouds. And at such moment, nothing could compare the joy of heading towards the beach. 
  • Yes beach. I don't know how he agreed to the idea of going to the beach at this time. But for sure I am glad about it. 
  • "You are so confusing." 
  • My eyes quickly turned in his direction. Says the one who himself is most confusing. Licking my lips I dared to question his comment but the way his expressions were tough and rigid, I caught my words before they came out. 
  • "But I don't want to solve you. I like the way everything about you challenges me to go deeper into you till I understand everything about you. You are the confusing mystery for me and I must add a beautiful mystery." He said and shifted his eyes towards me, flashing one of his heart melting smile. 
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