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Chapter 40

  • "Come on Mayra. You are no fun." Tara said with a roll of her eyes and huffed in annoyance. I licked my dry lips and stared at my wedding ring.
  • The diamond ring shined brightly unlike my relationship with Rehan.
  • It's been almost a month since we had even shared a conversation. After that night when he told me that I had broken his trust, since then nothing was normal between us. He even sleeps into another room. Every day he goes to his office without even sparing a glance at me or at the breakfast which I prepare for him. And then whole day, I don't get a sight of him until late at midnight when he returns to home, all drunk and wasted. And next I know he is asleep in another room. Basically he is doing every possible way to ignore the fact that I don't even exist. 
  • It hurts. It hurts deeply to get ignored by him. I really want to solve every misunderstanding between us but maybe he's not ready to give me a single chance to explain myself. I thought of giving him some time so that the folds of anger which he has around his eyes flew away but how much time? I know that time heals everything but how much time I am going to waste without my Rehan? How much?
  • Nothing feels good without him. I hate myself to confess that spending my time with my parents also doesn't feels so good. I mean how am I supposed to feel all happy with my parents when I know that my husband is working constantly to mask up the hurt he is going through? I can understand that how horrible it feels when our trust gets broken and here we are talking about Rehan who has serious trust issues. 
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