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Chapter 68 Episode at the Hall

  • "Lu Licheng's here!"
  • Shouted someone and deafening hall promptly fell silent. Everyone unanimously gazed at the door.
  • Lu Licheng donned a white suit with his collar button open to reveal his tanned and muscular skin. Innately exuding a fiendish and unbridled aura, he steadily walked over with a faintly discernible smile on his lips.
  • On his side was a tall and sexy beauty. Dressed in a beige toga strapped gown, she was particularly stunning. Her chestnut brown her scattered behind her to partially reveal her bareback. Enticing imagination to run wild.
  • "Zhang Yaxuan!" shrieked someone in the crowd. All eyes fell on the woman by his side one after another.
  • Zhang Yaxuan had garnered immense popularity over the past 2 years. She started as a model, then participated in entertainment programs. As her fame increased, she finally propelled to stardom this year with, "Woman in the Mirror". She became a top star.
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