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Chapter 65 A Confident Su Yao

  • 10 minutes later, the car pulled up by an understated boutique.
  • The sky was pitch-black by now. Two red lanterns hanging outside the boutique's door already lit up. As they swayed in the gentle breeze, even the shadows they cast on the ground started bobbing and giving off a sense of warmth.
  • The door gave way to a classically styled backdrop. Su Yao scrutinized her surroundings in awe. It was unimaginable for an Italian to prefer such traditional Chinese design.
  • She knew beyond a doubt that it was an exclusive atelier created solely for crafting Lu Licheng's bespoke garments.
  • "Hi, Lu. You're finally here. I've waited for such a long time," came a woman's voice. Su Yao veered in the direction of her voice.
  • It was a woman who was around 30 years old. She had excellent contours and was pretty to boot. Especially those large and profound eyes, which were particularly mesmerizing, whenever she smiled. Her golden hair was bunned in an updo reaching to the top of her head. She inexplicably emitted an air of professionalism.
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