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Chapter 57 Video Going Viral

  • Su Yao's impression of this man fell to freezing point in a jiffy.
  • She knew full well that rich men's sons did not give up until they got what they wanted. Wasn't all he wanted was to see how materialistic and servile she was?
  • Su Yao's lips curved into a smile. Then somewhat ingratiatingly, "You're so generous. I've worked at Sky City for so long, but it's the first time I've met a big customer as kind as you! For $3 000 000 a night, of course, I'd do it. When do we leave?
  • Sure enough, a blatant look of disgust surfaced in the man's eyes. As if too lazy to even look at her, he turned to leave.
  • Liu Zifan, give up already. This woman isn't even fit to carry An Ran's shoes!
  • Shortly after leaving Sky City, the mobile phone suddenly vibrated.
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