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Chapter 51 Do You Think You're Still Young Mistress Su Yao?

  • Ye Lan stepped back in disgust. The coldly, as though ordering her, "Ye Xuan has been punished. Please forgive her."
  • Forgiveness?
  • Su Yao laughed bitterly inside as these lines ill-suited her. Being as insignificant as an ant. What right did I have to forgive someone?
  • So what if I forgave her or not? No one cared.
  • Su Yao lowered her head in silence. She contemplated to herself that there must be more Madam Ye wants to discuss.
  • Sure enough, Madam Ye turned the subject around, "I'm here today mainly to talk about you and Sichen. I don't know how you bewitched our Sichen and made him so obsessed with you. But let me tell you, don't assume that people have forgotten what you did 5 years ago. You caused the death of your own best friend. Even your family has cut ties with you. The Ye family will never accept someone like you!"
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