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Chapter 49 Turn His Back Against the World for Her

  • The sight of Lu Licheng left half the women blushing. They all batted their eyes at him.
  • If anyone could win Lu Licheng's favor, she would become the wife of the richest man in Linyi. She would be the envy of all the other women.
  • Liu Wen pranced over in her high heels as she rolled her slender waist from side to side. She walked up in front of Lu Licheng and boasted, "Mr. Lu, I tied the woman up. I tied her so tightly that they might break..."
  • Another woman hurried over and said, "I'm the one who pulled her body hard. That's why she moaned so hard..."
  • "I even slapped her earlier on..."
  • "That's no big deal. Her hair is still in the palm of hands. I yanked her hard just now..." everyone rushed forward, taking credit before Lu Licheng and fearful of being left out.
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